Fill out the form below to book or enquire about a Ukubebe program for your Child Care Centre. For general enquiries please contact us.

Fee information

Single stand-alone sessions may only be available at certain times of the day, due to the timetable demands. Please discuss with Jo Steel.

Generally a single stand-alone session will not be available in the middle of a morning, as this prevents us from taking up any other classes on the same morning.  Single stand-alone classes may be offered first or last thing depending on availability. (first class is at 9am, or last class is at around 11.30am)


$135.00 (+ GST)  per single session.

2 back-to-back sessions will be $87 each + GST

3 back-to-back sessions will be $85 each + GST

4 back-to-back sessions will be $82 each + GST

More than 4 sessions will be charged at $80 each + GST


Invoices are issued monthly and terms are 7 days.


24 hours notice is required. If the centre gives no notice that a class(es) is cancelled, then the fee is still charged for that day.

Public Holidays

Are not charged unless a make up class is taught at another time.

Payment information

Payment is by direct deposit only.
Payment instructions will be sent to you with your booking confirmation, and will also appear on your monthly invoice.

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